Headache is one of the most commonly treated health conditions in our Walnut Creek chiropractic care center. There are lots of types of head pain and their causes vary, but “Muscular Tension Headache” is the most common type. Tension head pain usually originate from long term contraction of the suboccipital muscles. The suboccipital muscles connect the junction between the back of the skull and the bones of the neck. A number of factors are generally involved causing a common head pain, as follows:

  • Inflammation of the muscles and other “trigger points.”
  • Irritation of the joints and compression of the nerves.
  • Dural traction on the spine and brainstem.

Nowadays, more and more individuals are inclined to sit for many hours with contracted postural muscles but with no significant physical exercise. Your muscle use up fuel and produce waste everytime there is contraction. Some of headachethe waste products of this contraction are histamine, bradykinins and lactic acid, which are irritants. If they are not properly taken out of the muscle they can trigger muscular inflammation, pain and build up into localized tender parts generally known as “trigger points.”

Those waste products must normally be watered down and taken out of the muscle tissue by the circulation. This procedure depends on the regular “contract – relax” muscle cyle. When the muscle contracts it generates a force on the fluids in the muscle and drives the blood out transporting away muscular waste products. When the muscle relaxes the force falls and blood surges back in transporting essential nutrients and energy.

Whenever we sit or stand, we are making use of our back and neck muscles necessary to support our body. When these muscles are kept contracted for a long time (several hours spent sitting or standing), the muscles are producing irritative waste products, but not relaxing and burning themselves of the irritants. After a while these irritants will cause the muscles to shed their normal flexibility and resting length starting to be stiffened and shortened. These stiffened and shortened muscles, often supported by trigger points could cause head and neck reflex pain.

If you are curious on how chiropractors can help you treat your head pain, call our Walnut Creek chiropractic office at 925-939-7778.

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There’s about 1 in 4 Americans who suffer from arthritis. No matter whether you are suffering from an osteoarthritis or rheumatism, it is mostly a crippling ordeal. This is why a lot of afflicted individuals try to find the most appropriate arthritis therapy. The majority of people with joint disease find that it is most painful during the winter season. Harsh, distressing and inflamed joints are the usual symptoms, which is not favorable to nearly all forms of physical activity.

Whilst exercise may help to alleviate the pain, it is still a bit of a dilemma. Many patients are dropping out a workout plan simply because the exercises are too painful to perform. You will find medications intended for individuals suffering from rheumatism that may reduce the risk of the disease getting worse. Individuals with osteoarthritis may also be recommended to take anti-inflammatory medications or painkillers, but that’s about the degree of what can be achieved in medically treating arthritis.

In case you are suffering from either osteoarthritis or rheumatism, give some thought to taking a yoarthritisga class as your exercise routine. As a lot of patients with arthritis can testify, you will notice effective, long-lasting rewards. Using yoga exercise as a natural arthritis therapy helps prevent and mitigate a lot of the conditions associated with joint disease, like fibromyalgia syndrome and muscle tone and strength loss, at the same time boosting your vitality.

As opposed to the usual forms of physical activity, like walking, running or a basic exercise, yoga exercise won’t cause stress on joints. It also won’t tax your strength, or bring about more pain. The truth is, yoga does the contrary. Yoga exercise also provides psychological rewards, as a stress management program, which probably clarifies the information of a much better sense of overall wellness. By using yoga therapy to treat arthritis, you lessen stress in many ways, therefore reducing pain. When it comes to rheumatism, yoga exercise on its own can slow down the progression of the condition. This is why many arthritis patients find yoga an entertaining and fulfilling activity they wish to continue doing to achieve total pain relief.

In the treatment of arthritis, weight management is also important, and yoga exercise can help. In 3 months of taking a yoga class, meeting just 3 times a week, you will start to feel like a new individual, dropping some weight as you go along. You will have substantially better muscle tone and suppleness, when it comes to joint mobility, at the same time taking advantage of a considerable pain reduction.

Opting for yoga as an exercise regimen for treating arthritis is probably the ideal solution, given that there are a lot of people who have enjoyed its effective and long-term benefits. If you’d like to learn more about natural arthritis therapy and even how a Walnut Creek chiropractor can help, please call our Walnut Creek chiropractic health office at 925-939-7778 or visit us at 1555 Riviera Avenue, Ste F, Walnut Creek, CA 94596.

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