Chiropractors from Walnut Creek chiropractic center can help treat sciatica pain. Sciatica is described as a pain that comes from the lower back or buttock that shoots down into either leg. Sciatica pain may differ in intensity and rate of recurrence; from minimal, to moderate, to acute and severe, sporadic, recurrent or chronic. The pain is described as dreary, painful, sharp, pains and needles or a tingling sensation. Sciatica pain is also known as radiating pain or neuropathy. A false impression is that sciatica is a disorder – the truth is, sciatica is actually just a symptom of a sciaticadisorder.

In general, sciatic nerve pain is due to a sciatic nerve compression, which may also result in sensory loss, single limb or group of muscles paralysis, and sleeping disorders. Conditions identified to bring about sciatica pain are the following:

  • lumbar spine subluxations,
  • discs herniation,
  • pregnancy and childbirth,
  • tumors, and
  • other non-spinal conditions like diabetes or constipation

One condition that can also trigger sciatica is Piriformis Syndrome. The sciatic nerve runs underneath the piriformis muscle, and this particular muscle is prone to injury from a slip or fall, hip joint disease, or a difference in the length of the legs. These scenarios could cause cramps and muscle spasm to build in the piriformis muscle, therefore causing tingling sensation to the sciatic nerve that can lead to irritation and pain.

As there are a lot of conditions that can cause sciatica pain, the first step taken by the chiropractor is to diagnose the cause of sciatica. Coming up with a diagnosis may involve a considerate assessment of the individual’s health background, and other physical and neurological exams. Tests normally include an x-ray, MRI, or CT scan. These exams help identify probable instances that may contradict spinal manipulation and other chiropractic treatments.

The chiropractic treatment’s objective is to bring out the body’s full potential to heal itself. This treatment is based on the scientific theory that restricted spinal motion can bring about pain and reduced function and overall performance. Chiropractic is a non-invasive, non-surgical and drug-free kind of treatment.

Some other health conditions that cause sciatic nerve pain are beyond the scope of chiropractic care practice. If the chiropractor of Walnut Creek chiropractic center determines the patient’s condition calls for treatment by another health care professional, then the patient is referred to accordingly. In some instances, the referring chiropractor can carry on treating the patient and co-manage the patient’s treatment plan with another health specialist.

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