Working out in a group format is exciting and fun. For some, it is the only way to exercise and for many good reasons. If you are new to fitness classes, here are some tips that will get you off to a good start. Workout In A Group

  1. Bring water

Hydration is extremely important while exercising, so be sure to bring a water bottle with you to class. In addition to this, make sure you continue to consume some water after your class to replace fluids lost through sweat.

  1. Use deodorant

Nothing is worse than smelling another person’s body odor during a group fitness class. Be sure to use deodorant before class and go easy on the perfume.

  1. Arrive on time

Be sure to arrive at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start time of your class. This will allow you time to fill up your water bottle and gather any equipment you need. It also allows you to get the best spot in the room. Avoid being late whenever possible, it is disruptive to the class and the instructor.

  1. Use a towel to wipe away your sweat

Nobody wants to use equipment or exercise mats that are covered in sweat. Make sure you cover you matt with a towel and wipe down any equipment once you are finished using it.

  1. Follow your instructors directions

You instructor is giving you directions for a reason, so be sure to follow them. If you do not like your instructor or disagree with their methods it is best to just change classes rather than trying to battle against them.

  1. Switch off your phone!

When attending a group fitness class make sure your phone is turned off or at the very least set to silent. Nothing is more annoying during a class than hearing a phone ringing. Also, never answer your phone during class, if you have to answer a call, step outside.

  1. Have a healthy snack before and after class

Good nutrition is vital if you want to perform at your best during class and get great results. Make sure you have a healthy snack before and after class to give your body the nutrients it needs. Great snack ideas include fruit, yogurt, oatmeal and cereal bars. However, make sure you do not eat too much, as nothing is worse than somebody vomiting during class.

  1. Dress appropriately

Dress appropriately for class by wearing light, breathable, and comfortable clothing. Fitness fabrics work best as they are designed for working out and can keep you cool.

  1. Pay attention

 Make sure you pay attention at all times during a group fitness class to avoid running into other participants and causing injuries. Nothing is more embarrassing than colliding with someone mid class, particularly if it was due to your inattention.


  1. Make sure your breathe is fresh before class

Many group fitness classes involve working closely with other participants, for this reason it is important to have good dental hygiene. If you have just eaten a meal, had a coffee or smoked a cigarette be sure to brush your teeth, chew some gum, or have a mint to ensure you smell fresh.

  1. Visit the bathroom before class

Nothing is worse than needing to go to the bathroom mid class, so be sure to go before class. That said, if it is an emergency please go to the bathroom rather than trying to hold it in.

  1. Make some noise!

There is nothing worse for an instructor than a class full of completely silent participants. Rest assured that it is ok to make some noise, sing along to the music, and have a chat during rest periods.

  1. Enjoy the workout

Get into the music, how your body moves and simply enjoy yourself. Did you know that the greatest single motivating factor that induces people to stick with their exercise routine is having fun while doing it? So go ahead and do so.

  1. Participate in multiple classes

Different classes have different fitness goals, some are for cardio health, others are for strength training, and others are for mind and body fitness.

When you participate in more than one class, you get the benefits of targeting various goals and this helps to have a well-rounded fitness plan that will provide you will all-around good health. It is also a great way to reduce the possibilities of getting bored and quitting altogether.

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